About Us

Faust Heirlooms

Faust Heirlooms is a division of Ceramic Treasures, Inc., located in New Iberia, Louisiana. Faust Heirlooms is a gift manufacturer. Our specialty is china decorating. Our parent company, Ceramic Treasures, Inc., has been proudly producing china items for the wholesale market since 1990. Faust Heirlooms was launched in 1997 and features heirlooms quality products that we hope will be "treasured for a lifetime."

Faust Heirlooms is an American china decorator with our items hand decorated in our facility in New Iberia, Louisiana. Pieces are hand decorated with the highest quality water mount transfers (decals), referred to as designs. Each piece is kiln fired in our facility; our products are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. We have the ability to produce designs in house. This allows our business to offer personalized custom pieces with the lowest minimums and competitive prices in the industry.

Merchandise sold be Faust Heirlooms is approved by the State of Louisiana as Certified Louisiana. Our family owned and operated Louisiana corporation is listed by the State of Louisiana as a Louisiana Manufacturer. This division is named after our grandmother whose maiden name was Faust. We are very thankful to her for giving us the appreciation for fine quality decorated china. We view each piece we sell as an item which we hope will be treasures for a lifetime.

Our Mission and Commitment

Faust Heirlooms strives to produce heirloom quality pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime.We hope to provide products that are of exceptional value to our customers. We want to provide you with the products to meet your needs and other custom programs with low minimums. We are always willing to look for products that may be of interest to you. We hope to provide satisfactory customer service that is warm and friendly. We are family owned and operated and appreciate every customer who has purchased with us since 1990.